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What is AFAMUR?

AFAMUR is the Association of Families with Alzheimer Sufferers in the Murcia Region (of Spain). Registered on the list of Associations in Murcia on the 10th of December 1993, with the number 3795. It arises as a result of the existing sanitary/social structural insufficiencies in order to reply to the necessities brought up by the families of dementia sufferers (information, orientation, resources, etc.)
It comes into existence and develops through private initiative (the same families and other people interested in the matter. AFAMUR is a non-profitable charitable association and is financed through the following:

  • Membership fees
  • Fees charged for services rendered
  • Public entity government aid
  • Donations by private entities
  • Donations in general
  • Places in the centre which are government funded
What are our objectives?
  • Our most important aim is to improve the quality of life of Alzheimer sufferers and those suffering from other dementias and of the family members.
  • Inform and advise about different aspects: sanitary, psychological, social and legal, of the dementias.
  • Help and back up for the families when faced with the impact for the illness.
  • Inform and raise awareness amongst the general public and the institutions.
  • Stimulate scientific investigation.
  • Represent before Government Administration and other institutions the interests of the people suffering from dementia, and their families.