968 28 60 10 afamur@afamur.com

We need everybody’s collaboration

With your help we can:

  • Increase the quality of advancing old age.
  • Help families of Alzheimer sufferers not to feel isolated and alone when affronting the illness.
  • Support and advise families on care in the home and in the family.
  • Help understand and deal with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Broaden the help given in the day centres to more people in need.

You can help:

By becoming a card carrying member
In order to become a member of AFAMUR you must have full mental capacity, have at present or in the past a family member who has or has had Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.
Members pay a minimum of 60€ per year. If a member wishes to pay more, they may do so.
If you wish to become a member you can deposit the money, or create a banker’s order, using the following account number:
BANKIA ES9420383069736000232431, indicating under concept the following “CUOTA DE SOCIO”

If you prefer you can contact us through the contact form from here

By becoming a volunteer
The volunteer in AFAMUR is the person who takes part in one or more of AFAMUR’s programmes in an altruistic and disinterested way:

  • Therapeutic workshops
  • Home activities
  • Help in the tasks regarding awareness, social campaigns, exhibitions and fairs.
  • Accompaniment on excursions and fun activities.

In order to become a volunteer, please ring 968 28 60 10 and arrange an interview.

Making a donation
Anyone who does not have time to become a volunteer but who wishes to participate economically may do so depositing the amount desired in the following account:

ES27 2100 2362 3902 0034 8234 (CAIXA BANK)

Under concept, please put the word “DONATIVO”.

You should know that AFAMUR is a registered charitable organization and as such comes under the ruling of article 16 of Law 49/2002 of the 23rd December, concerning the fiscal status of charitable organizations and the fiscal incentives regarding patronage (B.O.E. 24/12/2002). This means that persons or businesses that give a donation to AFAMUR have the right to have the amount donated taken off their income tax returns. We automatically provide the certificate needed.